Welcome to Wellsville Manor Care Center

Wellsville Manor Care Center is a 120 Bed Short Term Sub-Acute Rehabilitation and Long Term Care Facility nestled in the hills of Allegany County.   The Wellville Manor has been serving the community for over 28 years.   We offer an array of post- acute medical treatments such as, Physical, Occupational & Speech Therapies; IV Therapy, Wound Vac Therapy & Wound Care; Pain Management; Respiratory Therapy and Cardiac Therapy.  We specialize in Short Term Sub- Acute Rehabilitation, offering therapy 7 days a week and up to 3 hours of treatment per day, that’s more than any other facility in the area.  More Rehab, equals a quicker recovery.
We also offer Long Term Care and Respite Services as well as Comfort Care for end of life patients.  With Dr. Stoner Horey as our In-house Physician visiting patients 4 days a week and on call 24 hours a day/7 days a week along with our 24 hour a day RN coverage, your loved one is provided with a continuity of care that is second to none. 
Choosing a Rehabilitation Facility or Nursing Home can be a stressful and confusing time.   We want to help make this time as easy as possible for the patient and their family.  We encourage you to stop in and take a tour and talk with our friendly and caring staff.   Our Admissions Coordinator will be happy to show you around and answer any questions you might have and our Social Workers are available to discuss the transition and information you’ll need every step of the way during the placement process.  So whether you are in need of post-acute short term therapy or long term compassionate care, we are here to offer you the best of both.   

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Wellsville Manor 2014 Employee of the Year   
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Every year at the Wellsville Manor during National Nursing Home Week we honor our long time employees.   Recognition is given to all employees who have been in service with the Manor for 5 or more years.   Part of what makes the Wellsville Manor such a wonderful home like environment for the residents is the longevity and compassion of our employees.   Each year at this Recognition luncheon we also recognize and honor the employee who was voted by his or her co-workers as the Employee of the Year.   Criteria for this Award is a dedicated employee who gives 110% every day he or she is at work.   Someone who goes above and beyond to make the lives of our residents better and lends a helping hand to his or her co-workers on a regular basis making their jobs easier any way that they can.   This year we were proud to award this Employee of the Year Recognition to Jim Richardson, CNA pictured above.   Jim has been at the Wellsville Manor for 20 years.   We are sad to say that Jim is retiring this year to spend more time with his wife Tina also an employee at the Manor. (Also pictured above are Tina Richardson and Tammy Henning, Administrator)  Congratulations Jim, from all of us at the Wellsville Manor...your love for your residents and your respect for your co-workers make you a deserving recipient of this year's Award.   Your compassion, loyalty and hard work will be missed in the hallways by everyone! 
Other employees honored this year include:
5 Years of Service: Kim Shutt-LPN, Tia Grooms-QA, Kay Edwards, LPN, Mary Lusk-COTA, Valerie Jackson-CNA, and Lorie Kane, RN-DON
6 years of service:  Teresa Thomas, RN; Connie Gianelli-LPN, Dawn Willis-LPN, Lori Jackson-CNA, Melissa Jackson-Activities, Sierra Perry-CNA, Kristen Scott-CNA, Harold Waide Jr., LPN, Margaret Kalkbrenner-CNA
7 years of Service:  Susan Lewis-Receptionist, Kristie Pressler-CNA, Jeanette Stonemetz-Dietary
8 Years of Service:  Barb Woolston, RN-Employee Health, Sheri Marsh-Activities Director, Nancy Empson-CNA, Renda Wlasniewski-CNA
9 Years of Service:  Robin Lee Putnam-LPN, Suzzanah Bessette-CNA, Ellen Drew-LPN
10 Years of Service:  Bonnie Brewster-Laundry, Deb Stafford-CNA, Tammy Libertone-Dietary, Troy Edwards-Dietary
11 Years of Service:  Gwen Singer, RN
12 Years of Service:  Joy Hamblin-Activities, Lisa Houck-Cook, Becky Wightman-MR/QA
13 Years of Service:  Amy Salmonson-Dietary
14 Years of Service:  Rose Levia, Dietary Technician
15 Years of Service:   Aaron Grayson-Cook
17 Years of Service:  Elaine Walsh-Dietician
18 Years of Service:  Glenda Hunt, RN-ADON/MDS Coordinator; Doreen Baker-Dietary, Jennifer Doyle- Cook, Tim Doyle-Director of Nutritional Services
19 Years of Service:  Judy Taggert-Housekeeping, Delann Crowe-Housekeeping
20 Years of Service:  Rae Franklin-Rehabilitation Coordinator, James Richardson-CNA (Employee of the Year)
21 Years of Service:  Penny McKee-Business Office Manager
25 Years of Service:   Becky Cady-CNA
26 Years of Service:  Raina Windus-CNA, Connie Serkleski-CNA/Scheduling
28 Years of Service:   Barb Edwards-Dietary
30 Years of Service:  Kathy Slade-CNA
31 Years of Service:  Shirley Bentley-LPN, Wendy Scott-CNA
Congratulations to ALL of you and thank you for your continued service and dedication to your Residents and your jobs! 
In the SpotLight
John Nydegger Gets a Special Visitor
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On Saturday February 15, 2014 NY State Senator Catherine Young, 57th District, paid a visit to The Wellsville Manor Care Center to see resident John Nydegger.   John was celebrating his 100th Birthday on Saturday, with family and friends and was expecting between 30-40 people to join him for his celebration at 1:30pm in the Activities Room at the Manor.   There was one visitor that he wasn't expecting though.   Senator Young came by Saturday morning before the festivities began to personally present John with a
 Birthday Proclamation that was passed by the Legislature with a unanimous vote on February 11th, 2014. 
Senator Young spent about 20 minutes with John and his family and read the proclamation word for word to him.   She presented John and his family members with copies of the Proclamation and spent time talking to them about John's military service as well as that of each of his sons.   She posed for pictures and shared some conversation with the family.   Before leaving for her next appointment she asked John, if it would be okay if she kissed him on the cheek...he replied, "just my cheek?" 

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